AuditDeploy Delivers a Digital Transformation Solution

AuditDeploy Delivers a Digital Transformation Solution
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Podcasts Transcript:

This startup explains how their solution allows enterprises to pop the hood to examine the software delivery lifecycle to make sure valuable data doesn't go unrecorded or unused. The tool looks at every aspect of the end-to-end digital delivery value chain, making true digital transformation possible.

Valuable data that can improve technology delivery processes are getting missed every day, but this startup's diagnostic tool optimizes delivery for true digital transformation. Hi, it's Mike Stiles, and this is meet the startups brought to you by Oracle for startups. There's a lot involved in true digital transformation, untangling, streamlining, modernizing, and automating technology delivery processes. It isn't easy, and that's especially true for heavily regulated enterprise companies. That's why the startup AuditDeploy founders saw the need to bring a new class of technology to the table. It's SDLC or software delivery life-cycle diagnostic tool called Capture takes an x-ray of a company's end-to-end digital delivery value chain. It pays special attention to the massive amounts of data generated by humans and machines that often get undocumented or ignored.

This data can reveal bottlenecks, friction points, and tedious manual work across the delivery process since Capture fully integrates and can be installed in any environment. Users can automatically capture any kind of data from anywhere within the process across any enterprise IT system as audit deploys strategized its future growth. It joined the Oracle for startups program because Oracle's cloud customers represent the kind of customers AuditDeploy can help most meet the startups as AuditDeploy co-founder Sal Stabler. If there were advantages beyond the similar customer base to work with.

"In terms of putting our solution in the cloud, Oracle was by far the best experience with some of the other cloud provider. It's impossible to get anyone to help you to kind of navigate the dijointed maze of their confusing partner portals to just to get going. We don't treat our customers that way. We like working with the cloud provider that can help us quickly scale and provide the technical support that we can actually trust. - Sal Stabler, Co-Founder & CEO of AuditDeploy

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Capture by AuditDeploy

Not sure where to start on your digital transformation journey? How do you accelerate your ambitious enterprise automation vision? Try Capture, use the power of data and insights to unearth potential roadblocks, and start eliminating tens of millions of dollars in corporate digital delivery inefficiencies. Visit the Oracle Marketplace here!

About AuditDeploy

AuditDeploy is an American enterprise software company that partners with highly-regulated industry leaders and their quest to continuously improve, build, deploy and deliver digital innovation and business outcomes. AuditDeploy’s modular and interoperable suite of products enables organizations to transform their technology delivery capabilities by breaking out of inflexible software, data silos, legacy processes, and disconnected functions. By combining a powerful automation platform, a suite of data-driven products, and world-class technical consulting services into one integrated solution enables our clients to execute their digital innovation and transformation mission with greater speed and fewer resources. Our clients span Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Communications, and Management Consulting Industries.