AuditDeploy Joins Oracle PartnerNetwork Program with Capture, The Data Collection Appliance

AuditDeploy Joins Oracle PartnerNetwork Program with Capture, The Data Collection Appliance


April 06, 2021, 18:57    

Capture by AuditDeploy Allows Businesses a Bird’s Eye View of all Software Engineering Tools to Elevate and Optimize Pipelines and Processes

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2021 / -- When it comes to modern businesses, data is king. Through collective data, businesses can audit their own performance to gauge wins, losses, and identify areas of improvement within their software development lifecycle. The problem? Very few resources exist to collect these large amounts of data in a tangible, digestible way using a powerful automation platform that enables businesses to execute their digital innovation initiatives in a streamlined fashion, until now. Nationally respected enterprise software company, AuditDeploy, is proud to announce its inclusion into Oracle’s Partner Network with their premium data collection appliance, Capture by AuditDeploy.

Known globally for its dominance in the software industry, Oracle’s PartnerNetwork program is a strategic partnership opportunity designed to deliver successful outcomes for our customers in their digital transformation journey. This like-minded partnership has come to fruition through AuditDeploy’s unique data collection appliance, Capture.

In the digital age, a plethora of issues can arise whenever software and technology are involved. Many business owners find themselves stumped wondering what is going wrong, and what is breaking in their processes. Capture by AuditDeploy acts as an internal investigator, by collecting immense amounts of data to drive meaningful conclusions that lead to optimized processes.

More than just a SaaS tool, Capture is installed into any environment and enables users to collect logs and records from anywhere within the CI/CD(continuous integration/continuous delivery) process. A perfect match for Oracle’s client base, the SDLC (Software Delivery Life Cycle) contains an immense amount of data that will help clients understand this comprehensive overview of their processes and tangible steps to address them.

By combining an innovative Technology Delivery Management System (TDMS), a powerful suite of data-driven products and technical consulting services into one integrated solution is helping industry-leading companies unlock business value by maximizing software delivery performance.

“AuditDeploy’s Capture product will help our clients leverage the full potential of continuous delivery and deployment automation in the Oracle Cloud.”
- Kosta Djukic, Principal Cloud Specialist at Oracle for Startups

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to streamlined processes; AuditDeploy’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition through the strategic partnership with Oracle.

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About AuditDeploy

AuditDeploy is an American enterprise software company that partners with highly-regulated industry leaders and their quest to continuously improve, build, deploy and deliver digital innovation and business outcomes. AuditDeploy’s modular and interoperable suite of products enables organizations to transform their technology delivery capabilities by breaking out of inflexible software, data silos, legacy processes, and disconnected functions. By combining a powerful automation platform, a suite of data-driven products, and world-class technical consulting services into one integrated solution enables our clients to execute their digital innovation and transformation mission with greater speed and fewer resources. Our clients span Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Communications, and Management Consulting Industries.

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