Capture by AuditDeploy

The SDLC(Software Delivery Life Cycle) contains an immense amount of data that can help your business understand and optimize your process.

Capture by AuditDeploy
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What is the goal of IT(Information Technology)? Why is there a SDLC(Software Delivery Life Cycle) and have you ever wanted better accessibility and visibility into your software delivery process? The goal of IT is to improve the performance of development, operation, management, and marketing.

The SDLC process should be a streamlined process to get your applications delivered quickly and securely so that you’re able to deliver value. During this process, sometimes there may be processes that are handled incorrectly that could cause issues in delivery or security, Capture is a tool that you can utilize to really see everything within your process.

What is Capture?

Capture is AuditDeploy’s own data collection appliance. Capture can be installed into any environment and enables you to collect logs and records from anywhere within your CI/CD(continuous integration/continuous delivery) process. The SDLC contains an immense amount of data that can help your business understand and optimize your process.

Knowing who is doing what, where, when, and how at every point all in one place, tracking and tracing from the beginning to end, will give you the ability to understand what is going right, and if anything is going wrong, help you find the problems at the source.

Most IT procedures, policies, and tools are designed to monitor and track people's behaviors, not necessarily automated processes, Capture tracks it all. The data you can obtain with Capture will help make the performance of your SDLC transparent to you.

Capture data from all your software engineering tools and see what's broken in your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) processes and CI/CD deployment pipelines.

The different modules and flexible configuration of Capture makes it simple to manage from Capture’s GUI(Graphical User Interface). Capture leaves no change behind. It is a complete catalog and history of all user, pipeline, and development events. Using Capture, you will be able to collect records from any file, directory, or any webhook in real-time. Capture can be easily integrated into your environments and will continuously log events within those environments.

How Can Capture Help You?

When Capture detects an event, it will decorate the records with useful metadata such as IP, hostname, timestamp, tag, and type. This allows filtering and parsing based on this metadata. You’ll be able to download these filtered logs into a CSV file through Capture’s GUI, which greatly simplifies reporting.

Capture logs everything within your CI/CD pipeline, from code commits, builds, tests, deployments, and software releases, you’ll be able to see who’s doing what and follow any change happening within your environments.

Capture automates data collection, enabling you to search through the process, and identify bottlenecks in your pipeline. Installation of Capture is simple. The appliance will live in your environment and aggregate data through software that can be integrated into your current workflow. This software is highly configurable, flexible, and can be managed from one location.

Capture is like an X-ray machine for your software delivery process, helping you pinpoint fractures and bottlenecks with ease so they can be treated and solved. The data within your software development lifecycle process holds tremendous value for your business. You should be “Capturing” this data to better optimize your business processes.

How To Get Started

Gain instant real-time visibility into your Enterprise CI/CD Pipelines and make sure your SDLC process is compliant and auditable by downloading Capture here! Our client success engineers will help you every step of the way.